Our New Program Partner

What do...

Fire & Rescue Departments    Private Ambulance Companies    Non-Profit Animal Rescues/Shelters

Hunting Outfitters/Guides    Fishing Outfitters/Guides    Lodges & Resorts    Campgrounds    Outdoor Recreation

Bed & Breakfasts     Bars, Taverns, and Clubs

Fire Extinguisher, Suppression, and Alarm    Security Alarm Risks    Home Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, and Orthotics

Wildfire Fire Fighting, and all their support services    have in common?


     They are all markets we just aquired programs to insure. That's right, Alabama Insurance Market has just entered into a partenership with McNeil & Co to write their program business in Alabama!

     There is so much more information, and so many more website changes yet to come, but for now, just know that we are entering these markets, in a big way, with THE trusted partner,vMcNeil.

     To speak with one of our agents about any of the above programs, please click Contact Us, and we will get right back in tounch with you.


Thank you,


David Hogue-Owner

Alabama Insurance Market